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Australasian Society for Cosmetic Dermatology (AscD)





The purpose of the ACSD is to foster, equalise access and improve training in cosmetic dermatology for all Australasian dermatologists and registrars and, more broadly, to share dermatologist's expertise with other disciplines.


The primary goal is to provide a national focus for training in cosmetic dermatology, and advocacy for this work.

Assoiate Professor Greg Goodman
Chair, ASCD 



The ASCD has three core responsibilities: 

  1. To identify appropriate education and training options and opportunities for members of the ASCD;
  2. To conduct or arrange education, seminars, workshops or other activities to upskill medical professionals in cosmetic dermatology; and
  3. To foster and develop professional standards. 

ASCD Education Sessions

The ASCD usually organise several mini seminars each year (also webcast) and the ASCD's major annual symposium. A calendar of those education sessions can be seen here.  


These mini-seminars are held at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc, and are webcast for members of the ASCD, dermatologists and dermatology registrars. Access to the webcasts page requires secure access.  If you require access, please do not hesitate to contact our Education Officer.


These webcasts are recorded and those recordings are later placed in the ASCD video library for authorised users to access at a later date.



Membership of the ASCD is open to all College members and dermatology registrars.


For Further Information

Please contact

Associate Professor Greg Goodman

t:  +61 3 9826 4966

e: gg@div.net.au 




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