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Skin Gallery


The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. and Arts Access Victoria have created a gallery onsite at the Foundation providing the opportunity for local artists to display their works in addition to establishing a creative outlook for patients and Foundation staff. The Gallery showcase's new artist works every 8 weeks and 5% of sales are donated to the Foundation.


Skin Gallery is a wholly positive program; it recognises the contribution of artists with disability as valuable contributors to the cultural landscape, provides a place for artist to exhibit work, and for patients and staff to have a changing program of art within the Foundation.


Current Exhibition


We Too Paintings 

13th June - 7th August 2019


By Isha Paasse and Matthew Simpson



 Isha Paase, alcohol ink on yupo paper 



Matthew Simpson, oil on canvas 

Isha Paasse is a self-taught artist who has been practicing for more than ten years. Isha is from the western districts of Victoria, and draws her inspiration from the natural world.

"In this work, I have used alcohol ink. Not the easiest of mediums to use... It has a mind of its own, as do I! I just appreciate the richness of ink colour and hope you do too," says Isha.

Matthew Simpson is a visual artist who graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in the 80s. For the past few years, Matthew has concentrated on the possibilities of forms and patterns that emerge through a process of repeated addition of lines. "My interest in lines is mysterious to me. I have just followed that line obsessively," says Matthew.



Past Exhibition Highlights



alien landscapes 2 & moments in color 

4th April - 31st May 2019


By Matthew Jelleff & Bree Wilson 



The Gristle (detail), Matthew Jelleff                            The Abandoned Windmill, Matthew Jelleff              





 Beanstalk of Time, Bree Wilson                                 Splashes of Memory, Bree Wilson


Matthew describes his drawing as a free expression of his mind's eye. "When I sit down to create an illustration, I feel I am passing through a gateway allowing access to a strange land filled with endless plains devised of grid-like geology and quantum phenomena.  I put pen to paper and my brain and my hand connect and often I don't have much control over what appears on the page.  These drawings are a window into my imagination.  The trick is to know when to stop".

This series of 12 drawings is a visual representation of a strange and other-worldly realm.  


Bree's work is a mix between colorful free expression and delicate dream-like forms. She writes "I love to use colour,expressive movement and surrelsm to convey emotion and intuitive experience". 






31st January - 30th March 2019


By Güler Altunbas & Adam Knapper



Sharing Journey, Güler Altanbas   



Playful Journey, Güler Altanbas 
Güler is a Melbourne based visual artist working in a variety of mediums; painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Güler graduated in visual arts from the Victorian college of the Arts at Melbourne University.  Currently she is working on a series of artworks based on social justice issues. For almost four years Güler has been teaching art to people who have a lived experience of mental health concerns.
Güler's images are often imbued with symbolism, a love of nature and serenity.
Mumbo-Jumbo, Adam Knapper 
Adam is an artist-designer who came out of the graffiti-art movement of the eighties.  His blend of modern art and pop culture with complex designs makes compelling work.
Over the past 25 years, his creative journey has been inspired by ideas from people, places and events.  Adam has worked on several commissions in the public and private sectors.  He has produced many public murals and street art, most notably for The Project Underground at Emerald House, South Melbourne. 
Adam and Güler are life partners and also collaborate in art making. Two is their first joint exhibition.

The Future is Yesterday the Past is Tomorrow


by Paul Henry and Laurence Flegg

8 October - 30 November 2018 



Aquamarine; Paul Henry

"Since a very young child I have been fascinated with art...My art is abstract, surreal expressionist. Expressing emotion without words is what my art is all about.  It is going beyond the tangible everyday stuff and entering into a mystical parallel universe." 



Ship to Shore Laurence Flegg                                     Sparkle Drip; Laurence Flegg


Laurence has been practising art since 1996 when he started drawing in gel ink.  In 2009 he embraced acrylic painting and started to explore abstraction, investigating new ways to apply the paint to the canvas, including scraping and splashing to manipulate it.


Laurence is a Schizophrenic and art has become a coping mechanism that allows him to "clear the cluttter from the upstairs abode so I can get on with living. A value can't be put on art as a therapy for mental illness, it is priceless".





BY Sarah Lumley

30 August - 4 October 2018 
Red Tulip, Sarah Lumley 2018
Artist Sarah Lumley and Phil Noack, Creative Producer Arts Access Victoria 


Sarah works with pencil and watercolor pencil on paper creating delicate botanical drawings and vivid interior scenes.  Not surprisingly, Sarah’s first job was as a botanist with the National Park Services – where she often drew rare plants.


Later in life Sarah took art lessons from leading Australian Botanical Artist, Beverley Ednie, where she was introduced to watercolor pencils.  This is Sarah's first time exhibiting her work to the public.


The Skin & Cancer Foundation is proud to collaborate with Arts Access Victoria to exhibit artworks in the Skin Gallery and help artists with disability realise their creative aspirations. 


'Following the traill' - gordon traill

8 August - 8 October 2015

Accruing more than 30 years' service with the Australian Defence Force, Melbourne-based digital photographer, Gordon Traill, utilised his practice as a method of both catharsis and re-identification. Exploring life with post-traumatic stress disorder, Traill's work is a duality of past-world chaos and new encounters. A resurgence of youthful self-discovery, Traill captures his affections for daily details in both vibrantly saturated colour, and nostalgic greyscale.


More of Traill's work can be seen at his exhibition at the Shrine of Remembrance in February 2017.


Learn more about Gordon Traill


Following the Traill


Like jottings in a journal, in this project, photographer Gordon Traill seizes snapshots of life post-war. A medley of themes, the artist's evolving imagery reflects the multi-layers of his years, homes and roles. From budding chef to stationed father, 'Following the Traill' scopes the residual effects of his service in Baghdad, peering into a mind harbouring more than post-traumatic stress disorder.


Applying a utilitarian approach to memories, Traill's detailed images are a re-discovery of the 'small things'. Pausing on relationships, gestures and monuments, 'Following the Traill' is a passage through moments informed by both new beginnings and old loves.


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