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The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc and Arts Access have created a gallery onsite at the Foundation providing the opportunity for local artists to display their works in addition to establishing a creative outlook for patients and Foundation staff. The gallery will showcase new artist works every 8 weeks and 5% of sales are donated to the Foundation.

Current Exhibition 

'Following the traill' - gordon traill

8 August - 8 October 2015

Accruing more than 30 years' service with the Australian Defence Force, Melbourne-based digital photographer, Gordon Traill, utilised his practice as a method of both catharsis and re-identification. Exploring life with post-traumatic stress disorder, Traill's work is a duality of past-world chaos and new encounters. A resurgence of youthful self-discovery, Traill captures his affections for daily details in both vibrantly saturated colour, and nostalgic greyscale.


More of Traill's work can be seen at his exhibition at the Shrine of Remembrance in February 2017.


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Following the Traill


Like jottings in a journal, in this project, photographer Gordon Traill seizes snapshots of life post-war. A medley of themes, the artist's evolving imagery reflects the multi-layers of his years, homes and roles. From budding chef to stationed father, 'Following the Traill' scopes the residual effects of his service in Baghdad, peering into a mind harbouring more than post-traumatic stress disorder.


Applying a utilitarian approach to memories, Traill's detailed images are a re-discovery of the 'small things'. Pausing on relationships, gestures and monuments, 'Following the Traill' is a passage through moments informed by both new beginnings and old loves.


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