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Radiotherapy Clinic 


Radiotherapy has a cure rate equal to that of surgery and is often the treatment of choice when surgery is difficult, or not suitable, because of other medical conditions.


Radiotherapy (or Radiation Therapy) is used for the treatment of most types of skin cancers. It involves the use of high energy x-rays focused on the area to be treated.


The Foundation provides superficial x-ray therapy, which is an effective treatment for skin cancers, especially in the elderly or those who are unable to have surgery.

Superficial x-ray therapy is delivered through a superficial x-ray machine. These therapies are planned and delivered by our dedicated radiation therapists.


Treatment is not limited to skin cancers. A number of other conditions can be treated with radiotherapy, including:


  • Bowen's Disease
  • Kaposi's Sarcoma
  • Keloid scars
  • Mycosis Fungoides

Patients are referred to us by dermatologists in private practice, public hospitals and through internal referrals from the Skin & Cancer Foundation.


Dermatologists should not hesitate to refer their patients for radiotherapy treatment at the Foundation. There are virtually no waiting lists, so appointments can be arranged promptly.


Patient care is of the utmost importance at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc's Radiotherapy Clinic. Our service is therefore of the highest standard, delivered in a caring and friendly environment.

Download the Radiotherapy Clinic brochure or view more brochures on our Brochures page. 

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