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2016 Psoriasis Patient Information Evening


A large number of guests at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc's Psoriasis Information Evening were given the opportunity to hear the latest on psoriasis treatment options available in Australia from leading psoriasis expert, Dr Matheen Mohamed.


Held on the eve of the release of the Foundation's 2016 Skin Health Australia Report Card, which this year focuses on psoriasis, the event also provided attendees the chance to learn useful stress management techniques, and connect with healthcare professionals, patient support groups and other people living with psoriasis.


Keynote Speaker, Dr Mohamed, spoke to the audience about the different types of psoriasis treatments they could try, with a particular focus on biologics treatments. Dr Mohamed also discussed the many triggers of psoriasis and the role our genes play in this skin condition.


Dr Nadine Cameron, a wellbeing counsellor and academic at La Trobe University, expanded on Dr Mohamed's explanation of the role stress plays in psoriasis. Dr Cameron spoke about how stress can have a significant impact on our body, particularly on our skin. She discussed the importance of being aware of and able to control our levels of distress by selecting particular foods, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. A highlight of the evening, Dr Cameron also lead the audience through some cognitive strategies they could use to reduce stress and lead more positive lives.


Biologics Nurse at the Foundation, Sue Anderson, gave a brief presentation on the importance of patients and their doctors and nurses working as a team. She emphasised that communication is fundamental when it comes to patient care. Clinical Trials Team sub-investigator, Dr Claire Higgins, then spoke about the psoriasis trials being conducted at the Foundation and the important role clinical trials play in the development of medicines. Dr Higgins stressed that, without clinical trials volunteers, the life changing trials being conducted in Australia, and at the Foundation, will not be able to continue.


To conclude the evening, President of Psoriasis Australia, Karen Ridsdale, discussed what her team has been doing to improve awareness of this skin condition.


Guests and presenters then had an opportunity to mingle, share their psoriasis stories and begin forming more ideas about how we can raise awareness of this widely-misunderstood skin condition.


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Click here to see Dr Nadine Cameron's Powerpoint presentation on Stress Management


All other presentations can be seen on the Psoriasis Information video below. 



Psoriasis Information Evening Video

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