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Resident and Research Fellows

The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc will soon be selecting a number of Resident and Research Fellows for 2019. Applicants will usually be medical practitioners planning a career in dermatology.


The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc employs a full-time Trials Resident (supervised by A/Prof Peter Foley) and the ODREC Research Fellow, Transplant Research Fellow (both part-time) and other positions located elsewhere in Melbourne, including Vulval Research Fellow (RWH) (1 session).


Applicants are selected on the basis of the likelihood of being selected for the Australasian College of Dermatologists’ Registrar Training program, so the criteria for selection will mirror that of College. 


There is some flexibility, but the Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre (ODREC) Fellow (supervised by A/Prof Rosemary Nixon) will be required to work Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, while the Transplant Research Fellow (supervised by A/Prof Alvin Chong) will need to work Wednesdays.

Please apply by sending your CV to A/Prof Rosemary Nixon at rnixon@occderm.asn.au by Friday, 24 August.


Interviews will be held from 5pm on Monday, 3 September at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. 


Preference will be given to local candidates.

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