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International Clinical Trials Day 2017

May 20, 2017


International Clinical Trials Day is held on 20 May each year to commemorate the day that Scottish physician James Lind began his famous trials into the causes of scurvy.


This history of clinical trials is not just of interest to researchers and healthcare professionals, but is relevant to everyone who has ever used any type of medication.


It is also significant to everyone working at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc, particularly in its Clinical Trials Department.


International Clinical Trials Day gives the Foundation a chance to acknowledge the major improvements in health outcomes that have been achieved since James Lind’s trials in 1747. 


The day provides a focal point to raise awareness of the importance of research in healthcare, and highlights how partnerships between patients and healthcare professionals are vital to high-quality, relevant research.


This year’s Clinical Trials Day attracted guest speakers from around Australia who covered a broad range of topics.


Speakers included Dr Hugo Stephenson, Executive Chairman, DrugDev; Dr Amy Holmes, Research Associate at the Therapeutics Research Centre and the School of Pharmacy and Medical Science, University of South Australia; Mr Paul White, Chair, Australian Melanoma Consumer Alliance; Dr Suzanne Hasthorpe, Manager, Coordinating Office for Clinical Trial Rsearch; and Mr Brian Wong, Site Activation Management (SAM) Associate, Eli Lilly Australia.


Last year, the Clinical Trials Department at the Skin & Cancer Foundation was involved in the conduct of 23 clinical trials across a variety of therapeutic areas and currently has over 93 active patients. The team also had over 250 volunteers donate blood to one of its healthy volunteer studies.


The research activities of the Clinical Trials Department are supervised and coordinated by specialist dermatologist, Associate Professor Peter Foley.


The Department is staffed by Principal Investigators, Associate Professors Alvin Chong and Chris Baker, Sub Investigator Dr Michaela Zallman and Clinical Trials Nurses, Charlotte Harrison, Sara Collis, Stephanie Buchanan, Jennifer Kaiser and Taya Grainger. The team is also supported by Trials strategy and development consultant, Christine Zahren, Administration Assistant, Desiree Green, and Financial Administration Officer, Marlene Rennie.


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