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Surgery Services Expand With Addition of Mr Miklos Pohl

December 16, 2016

Highly respected senior plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Mr Miklos Pohl, has moved his clinic to the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc, significantly expanding its patient services.


The addition of Mr Pohl's clinic to the Foundation will enhance its reputation as Australia's leading centre of excellence and the home for dermatology in Victoria.


Mr Pohl, who has a strong interest in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, has been consulting at the Foundation for over 10 years. He is familiar with the Foundation's theatres and facilities and has built strong relationships with the team he will be working with.


"The institution itself is a facility purposefully-built to do what it does well," Mr Pohl said. 


"For minor skin surgery, skin cancer or other lesions, it is very well set-up with its six theatres, recovery areas and exceptionally well-trained staff."


Mr Pohl said the Foundation was unlike any day surgery area in other hospitals and its dedication to minor surgery and wide variety of patients ensured it was always a pleasant place to work.


"The theatres and the equipment are excellent, and the staff are all focused and expert in minor surgery," Mr Pohl said.


"It's a very supportive environment, and all levels of administration are easily accesssible, friendly and helpful." 


As one of Melbourne's most regarded plastic surgeons, Mr Pohl's work has taken him to all corners of the globe. 


Mr Pohl is also an accomplished violinist and started the Australian Doctors Orchestra, which has played around the world, in 1993.


Learn more about Mr Miki Pohl.

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